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Grade 10's: are you SA's top young inventor?

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3M and HIP2B  -- From Strength to Strength Building on the success of the HIP2B  3M Innovation Challenge launched in 2012, innovative multinational technology company 3M and non-profit youth organisation HIP2B  are gearing up for the 2017 edition.

The call is now out for Grade 10 learners to enter the 2017 Challenge, which tasks participants with finding innovative solutions to everyday problems they experience. Entrants who make it through to the final round will benefit from exposure to 3M's wealth of intellectual and product resources, in support of their quest to become South Africa's Top Young Innovator.

Backed by the Department of Education, the Challenge is the brainchild of 3M and HIP2B , and is designed to inspire innovation in everyday life.

HIP2B  was founded in 2002 to promote the study of Maths, Science and Technology-related subjects as a means to develop problem solving skills and analytical thinking. Its ultimate aim is to contribute towards a growing culture of entrepreneurship, which will better ensure South Africa s future economic prosperity. 

"We rely on strong corporate partnerships like the one we have with 3M to keep on making a difference in the lives of South African learners, by unlocking their 'inner innovator' through fun, well-structured and well-resourced educational programmes like the Challenge," said Cathryn Payne, Managing Director of HIP2B .

"3M has been totally committed to the success of this project, providing financial support, product support and human resources, and opening up their company facilities to our enthusiastic young competitors. It is through these types of excellent partnerships that HIP2B  is able to present events that deliver the impact both organisations strive for. "

As a science-based company with a plethora of innovations that permeate every industry, 3M is the internationally renowned as the creators of brands such as Post-it Notes, Scotch  Tape, and Scotchgard , as well as a range of products that run from safer surgical drapes for the medical industry, to innovative air filtration systems.

 Given 3M s long history of research and development, as well as growth across a number of markets, this project is fuelled by passion. Previous challenges have been a great success and make a massive impact on those learners who have participated,  says Lizelle de Bruin, organiser of the event.

Learners are invited to enter this year s competition, in teams of two, their own innovation for a solution to a real problem that affects them, their family or their community, using science and maths applications. Two finalists per province will be selected by a judging panel of representatives from HIP2B2, 3M and other industry experts with a science or technical background. Entry forms are available on the website www.hip2b2.com, facebook HIP2B2 or can be requested from info@wwmedia.co.za Entrants have until midnight on Friday 8 September 2017 to get their entries in before the shut-off. Later in the year, the winning regional finalists from all five provinces will be given career and personal development experiences with industry specialists and mentors at 3M Headquarters in Johannesburg, culminating with a presentation of their conceived innovations to a judging panel.

To enter, please follow the guidelines below:

You are required to:

* Explain a problem that affects you, your family or community

* Explain how in your innovation, idea or solution solves the problem

* Explain what science, technology, engineering and / maths you used

* Create a drawing of your innovation and note that if you are chosen as a finalist, you must be able to build it using everyday items. You can also use any 3M products such as  Post-it Notes, Scotch  Tape, Scotchgard  or any of the others that you can view on the 3M website.


Marks and prizes

Entrants will get marks for creativity, bright ideas and innovative thinking, science skills, good communication ability and confidence. The Innovators of the Year for 2017 will each receive a prize of R1000 as well as a laptop- plus they ll also win a laptop for their teacher.

For more information and to enter a team into the 2017 HIP2B  3M Innovation Challenge, please contact project manager, Lizelle de Bruin on 021 976 3366 or email lizelle@wwmedia.co.za

For more information about HIP2B  please log onto:

Website: www.hip2b2.com

Facebook: HIP2B2

Twitter: @HIP2B2_SA








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