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This is a call to the curious!

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The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation is calling on all young, entrepreneurially-minded South Africans to enlist in the most comprehensive and stimulating Fellowship opportunity in Southern African. Applications opened on 22 January 2018.

The Foundation takes a holistic approach to entrepreneurial development and believes that entrepreneurially-minded individuals with ethical values and strong leadership skills hold the key to change in South Africa and the globe. The Foundation supports entrepreneurs to improve the socio-economic landscape of Southern Africa. Further, it provides youth who demonstrate the highest potential access to education and assists them with cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset.

The Fellowship’s entrepreneurial and personal development programme runs throughout the academic year alongside the Candidate Fellow’s university studies. The Fellowship provides access to university education and includes comprehensive tertiary financial support to selected students.


·        Level 5 in Pure Mathematics for Grade 11 final results

·        Level 6 average for your final Grade 11 results (excluding Life Orientation)

·        Completion of the National Benchmark Test by 30 September 2018

·        Under the age of 21 in your application year

·        South African citizens

·        Intention to study towards a degree in Commerce, Science (excluding Medicine), Engineering, Law or Humanities (majoring in Politics, Philosophy or Economics) at the University of Witwatersrand (WITS); University of Johannesburg (UJ); University of the Free State (UF); University of Cape Town (UCT); Nelson Mandela University (NMU), Rhodes University; the University of the Western Cape (UWC); University of Stellenbosch or the University of Pretoria (UP).


·        The full cost of university tuition

·        The full cost of university accommodation, meals, books and tutor allowance

·        A monthly living stipend

·        Academic support and access to entrepreneurial and personal development programmes

·        Mentorship from individually assigned Foundation staff as well as business mentors

·        Access to potential postgraduate funding for graduated Candidate Fellows

·        There are no postgraduate contractual obligations with the Foundation



Visit www.allangrayorbis.org to download an application form, or SMS “Gr12 and your fax number or email address” to 36777. The application closing date is the 11 May 2018.






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