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Vakature: Geregistreerde Verpleegkundige

Lifestyle/Leefstyl: 12 November 2019 By Helena Raats

Vakature:  Geregistreerde Verpleegkundige

Ons Tuis:  Piet Potgieter Ouetehuis in Mokopane het 'n pos beskikbaar vir 'n geregistreerde verpleegkundige.


Lifestyle/Leefstyl: 04 November 2019 By Helena Raats


Mokopane Destiny Academy is recruiting.

Questions to ask - opening a business bank account

Lifestyle/Leefstyl: 22 July 2019 By Press Release

Entrepreneurs who are considering starting and registering a business should opt for a bank account that gives them peace of mind when managing and growing their business.​

Bottled water - here's the breakdown

Lifestyle/Leefstyl: 09 January 2019 By Press Release

Bottled water is the fastest growing drink choice worldwide. According to South Africa’s packaged water legislation, there are three main types of bottled water: natural water; water defined by origin; and prepared water.

Retirement Property – What’s the difference between life rights and full ownership?

Lifestyle/Leefstyl: 09 October 2018 By Press Release

Choosing where you will live during your retirement years takes a lot of planning, much of which happens long before you actually reach retirement age. It requires that you make some important decisions about the lifestyle that you would like to live, location, ongoing costs, healthcare provision, proximity to family and amenities and so on.​

Attention Grade 12's: How to manage your time during the final exams

Lifestyle/Leefstyl: 09 October 2018 By Press Release

With Matric finals looming and learners heading to exam venues in a matter of days, the bulk of reviewing should now be over, and the limited time available before and during the exams should be strategically managed, an education expert says.​

Wen 'n Droomvakansie vir vier!

Lifestyle/Leefstyl: 28 August 2018

MOKOPANE - Twee paartjies of vier vriende kan die safari van 'n leeftyd wen deur kaartjies te koop vir die Potgietersrus Hervormde Kerk se gelukstrekking wat volgende week (voor 31 Augustus) gehou word.​ Die  vakansie is ongeveer R50 000 werd. Daar is min tyd oor, maar almal wat belangstel kan vir Hendré Oberholzer skakel om voor die sluitingsdatum kaartjies te koop teen R150 per inskrywing. Sy kontaknommer is 083 449 7366.

Motor insurance tips

Lifestyle/Leefstyl: 02 August 2018 By Press Release

Many people find the insurance aspect of securing their vehicle against theft, loss or damage overwhelming as there are so many variations of cover and costs available.


Lifestyle/Leefstyl: 02 August 2018 By Press Release

Aansoeke word afgewag van persone wat gekwalifiseerd is as Assistent Verpleegkundige in Modimolle. Residentia Waterberg se fokus is op versorging van ouer persone op ʼn 24 uur grondslag  asook tuisversorging.

Pos beskikbaar: Professionele Verpleegkundige

Lifestyle/Leefstyl: 02 August 2018 By Press Release

Residentia, 'n Christelike diensorganisasie met landswye skemas, wat omsien na die belange en versorging van ouer persone nooi ervare en gemotiveerde kandidate, wat aan die onderstaande vereistes voldoen, om aansoek te doen vir die uitdagende posisie van: PROFESSIONELE VERPLEEGUNDIGE (RESIDENTIA WATERBERG (MODIMOLLE)).

Hierdie is ‘n opvolg posisie vir die rol van Versorgingsdiensbestuurder wat in Maart 2019 vakant word.

Common myths about hospital cash plans

Lifestyle/Leefstyl: 02 August 2018 By Press Release

Despite the increasing popularity of hospital cash plans (also known as health cash plans) as supplementary cover for non-medical expenses, some consumers are still not maximising this benefit due to a few misconceptions.​


Lifestyle/Leefstyl: 26 July 2018

Elco Steel Express in Mokopane has a sales position available.

Verkoopspersoon benodig in Mokopane.

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