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News: 11 June 2020 By Press Release

Aanlyn-onderrig is nou ‘n haalbare realiteit in Mokopane danksy ‘n splinternuwe Impaq onderrigsentrum wat onlangs, onder die vlerk van die Revision-Leersentrum, oopgemaak het.


News: 26 May 2020 By Press Release

A campaign encouraging people across Africa to make their own face masks from materials found at home has brought together employees of bp, Castrol and some famous (masked) faces, to help slow the spread and save lives.


News: 25 April 2020 By Press Release

In undertaking the Risk Adjusted Strategy, the National Coronavirus Command Council (NCCC) and the Ministerial Advisory Committee on COVID-19 intends to sequence and phased in key sectors and priority areas with a view to deepening the fight against COVID-19 whilst simultaneously rebuilding our economy.


News: 25 April 2020 By NoordNuus reporter

Did you know...Anyone who gets COVID-19 is likely to give it to at least two more people, if we carry as normal. It spreads fast and we need to stop that from happening. This why need to self-screen regularly for symptoms. 

Netcare are NOT doing door-to-door COVID-19 screening

News: 17 March 2020 By Press Release

Staff members from the Netcare Group, including from Netcare hospitals, Netcare 911 or Medicross medical and dental centres, are NOT doing door-to-door COVID-19 screening. If someone is at your door claiming to do door-to-door screening, they are likely criminals and you should call the police. 

Coronavirus: implications for employers in South Africa

News: 17 March 2020 By Press Release

There is a strong likelihood that there will be more cases of coronavirus (Covid-19) across the country. Naturally, employers will need to bear in mind various employment and health & safety considerations to manage the risk of Covid-19 in the workplace. By Johan Olivier, Kate Collier, Lizle Louw, Shane Johnson at Webber Wentzel.

Make your retirement a priority

News: 03 November 2019 By Press Release

It’s that time of the year again where we need to reflect on the year that’s gone by. It’s a time where we need to identify what has worked for us financially and what we should focus on in the New Year.

Financial preparation for prospective parents

News: 03 November 2019 By Press Release

Having a baby can be wonderful. It can change your life in so many positive ways. You will love more deeply than you thought possible and moments like your child’s first words will become treasured memories.

It’s also expensive.

Early detection of breast cancer

News: 03 November 2019 By Press Release

Early detection of breast cancer, even before physical symptoms develop, is key in beating breast cancer.

Managing exam stress

News: 03 November 2019 By Press Release

Tips for students, learners and their parents

For learners and students, not to mention their parents, exam time is usually accompanied by anxiety and stress. Whilst some stress can be beneficial in creating motivation and focus, unmanaged or high levels of stress can be counterproductive and potentially affect one’s mental well-being.

Burst geysers never keep office hours

News: 22 July 2019

As the law of Murphy would have it, most people get to experience the inconvenience of a burst geyser or water pipe in the early hours of the morning, on a public holiday or over a long weekend, and usually when the temperature has taken a sub-zero plummet. ​

First year fear - facing up to study choice doubt

News: 22 July 2019 By Press Release

After their first semester and first major university exams, many first years are sitting with an unenviable conundrum – the realisation that they may not have made the best choice about what to study for the next 3 years of their life.

International education introduced at MDA

News: 23 January 2019 By NoordNuus reporter

Mokopane Destiny Academy (MDA) will be one of only four schools in South-Africa to offer the internationally acclaimed International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum. It is also one of only two of these schools to offer this curriculum at pre-primary and primary level.​


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